Rock Show 2015

Welcome to the information page for this year's Rock Show - 25th Anniversary Edition!

Letter to Parents:

18 March

Hello parents of Rock Show 2015 participants!

My name is Jean Roche and I am a third year Rock Show parent of Samantha. Since our long time back stage food and beverage coordinator for Rock Show has left, I have enlisted the help of ICT teacher and friend of Rock Show, Mr Phil Taylor, to assist organizing the running of the activities behind the curtain, ensuring that your son or daughter has refreshments to fuel their performances. We also provide sustenance for the entire sound, light and technical crew for the weekend rehearsal and the three performances. In total, we provide food and drink to some 100 rockers and support staff for 2 days and 2 nights, and we need all the parental support we can get to bake, buy and supply all those treats. The school has provided wraps for the Saturday rehearsal, so there is no need to bring food or money for lunch. Help supervising during rehearsals and the performance evenings is also required.

I will be away from March 20 to April 16, and there are many grade 12 parents who would be willing to help closer to the time. In the meantime, Mr. Taylor and I have designed a survey in Google documents to collect the names of parents who will be able to contribute to the backstage food and beverages. A supervision Doodle poll has also been created that you can access any time to sign up for supervision times. Please access the information from the links below. Refreshments that are not perishable can be brought on Saturday, the dress rehearsal.

For those in Rock Show in previous years, there has been a change of performances dates. Please note these in the survey.

Thank you, and I look forward to seeing your sons and daughters perform.

Jean Roche  -

Survey Links:

  • Parent Supervision Sign-up Doodle Poll

  • Treats Link if the form below does not display on your device.

Rock Show Treats

Contact Information:

  • Rock Show Page and Survey Support: Phil Taylor -
  • Parent Liaison: Jean Roche ( | Marilyn Fogel (