SJR Learners - Google Apps for Education

Please Note:  Google has changed the log in process for Google Apps for Education. You will no longer see the SJR log in page, but the normal Google log in page. You will need to provide your full learners email address rather than just your user name in order to log in. Please don't have your browser, especially Chrome remember your credentials on a public machine.

User names and passwords are synced with your regular school user account. Due to the fact that these documents live "in the cloud" (in other words, on the Internet), it is important to have a secure password. In order to access SJR Learners - Google Apps for Education, your password must be at least eight (8) characters long. If your school account password is shorter than this, you will not be able to access your Learners account until you change your password to meet this minimum requirement.

Please follow the How To Resources link on the top navigation pane for more information and "how to" supports on this collaboration suite of tools.

Google Apps for Education  New features are being added on a regular basis. Below is short video highlighting some of the collaborative work Google drive allows you to do.
    • SJR Learners - Google Drive, the User Interface (UI) will be changed in the next few weeks. File management tasks are now even better than before.

Senior School Help Desk

Having issues with your computer, tablet, or phone? With the growing use of devices in the Senior School, there is a need to provide help, support, and advice. Please drop by the Senior School Computer lab before Advisory, at first break, or at lunch to get support for your device, computer lab equipment, and help with the various tools you have at your disposal such as: Moodle, SJR Learners - Google Apps for Education.

Do you want to help your peers? Please complete this online application if you would like to join the new Help Desk as a student volunteer.

Help Desk Application

eLearning Sites:

    • SJR - Moodle (eLearning site) Many of your teachers may use Moodle as acourse resource. SJR Moodle is located at address:

Senior School - Testing Calendars & EagleNet Access

Testing Calendars
 for the week are posted below:

Bonnycastle Library Resources:

Library website - Links to School resources and services.
Library Moodle Site - you will require a Moodle profile - please see Mr. Taylor for assistance for accessing the Moodle site.

School Websites:


    • Click the link for the list of the features and how to use Google Drive for document management. Please see Mr. Taylor or Mr. Reimer to learn how to setup an automatic sync feature with your home computer to create a virtual USB key.